June 10th, 2008

A Vacation in Orlando

by Don

Apart from the obvious theme parks for which Orlando is famous, it offers many other interesting places to every visitor. As the city grows in size the choice gets more diverse. There are many attractions such as museums, galleries, shops, markets and parks. It all depends on how much time one has. Depending on the interest of the visitor there is something for everybody.

Take shopping for example: Orlando offers many malls and shops of every kind. A short article like this can only cover so much. All the same, this article will highlight a few of the many unusual attractions. Many others can be found from other sources.

Florida’s Central Zoological Park is one of them. The zoo has charity status and many exotic animals can be found there. There are many, which are found in Florida but there are many others which are not native to Florida. The total number of animals of all kinds exceeds 400. One can spend as much time as he/she has in the zoo learning about these animals. If you are so inclined you can also make a donation for the upkeep of the creatures.

Another place worth visiting is Louis Tiffany; it has the largest glass display in the world including paintings, jewelry, pottery and ornaments. One has to really see these pieces to appreciate them. It is not possible to give detailed description in a short article like this.

People from all walks of life and age brackets can be entertained in Orlando. There are many places which offer night life with music and dance. Some of these are Downtown Disney’s Pleasure Island, Universal City walk and many other clubs. The variety of music is astonishing.

Those who are interested in science and technology can visit the Orlando Science Center. This is a large complex with 10 halls exhibiting everything from the Florida Everglades and all the way to the plains of Mars. Another place is International Trolley and Train Museum which is located on International Drive and has the nation’s largest operating indoor G gauge layouts. This covers over 4000 square feet.

The Mercado Center, which is also located on International Drive, has another unique exhibition on Titanic. This offers an unusual experience of ACTUALLY traveling on board the Titanic and includes many original objects from the Titanic.

Located in downtown is the Lake Eola Park. This has over 40 acres of breath taking sidewalks and you can certainly spend few hours in peace, away from the hustle and bustle of downtown.

For many people who dislike sitting on a beach a visit to Orland is ideal. It offers an opportunity to visit a very pretty city and see many unusual places. Also the timing is relatively unimportant since it is far removed from the seashore. One can always plan the vacation when the city if not crowded. There is lot more information which can be obtained by visiting various websites and the tourism department.

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