June 25th, 2010

A Week in London With my Girlfriend

by Don

My girlfriend and I really relish the chances we get to go away with each other because we both work so much during the rest of the time. I was just having a snooze after work a couple of months ago when my girlfriend came into the room and told me that she had found some great flights to London online for the week that we both had booked off from work.

I was thrilled because I was a little bit sick and tired of the usual holidays in the sun. Once we arrived in London I was thrilled that she had found the tickets. London is such a great place to share with someone and we had never been there before together, despite the fact that we both knew the city very well. We spent most of our time walking through all the suburbs we both knew so well. My girlfriend introduced me to the calm of the surrounding areas of Clapham Junction, and I showed her all of the best places to go in the nicer parts of Hackney.

All week we had great food, and when we reached the point when we had to head home, we were both disappointed. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend in London, there is always more to see and do, and I certainly never tire of the place.

I am sure that now we have both been there together we will be back again soon. It felt like a better place with my girl on my arm.

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