March 17th, 2009

Accomodation in Croatia

by Don

Croatia is a wonderful travel and vacation destination, preferred by tourists world wide. Where ever you holiday, it is a good idea to reserve not just flight tickets but accommodation too. There are varied accommodation options available for holiday makers in Croatia. These include apartments, rooms, villas, hotels and camps. Apartments and villas can be chosen by those who want to enjoy a home like atmosphere even while on holiday. Hotels and rooms can be for those who want to fill their days with activities or just plain rest, without having to cook, wash or do any chores. Camps are certainly meant for nature lovers who appreciate being outdoors all the time. There are a number of islands dotting Croatia and any one of these can be chosen as a vacation spot. The process of choosing accommodation in Croatia can be fun.

Hotels are meant for a comfortable stay which could include services like restaurant, bar, laundry services, room service, swimming pool, sauna – the list is never ending. It is possible to locate cheap hotels in Croatia that have basic services to luxury boutiques that give exotic services like Spa treatments. Croatia is a less expensive tourist destination when compared to other western European destinations. Typically, rooms with sea view cost more. The hotel costs also vary with seasons; usually the costs are quoted in Euros. Many hotels give bed and breakfast options. Summer is the best time to visit and enjoy a Croatian holiday. Several hotels close down after mid-October during the winter months.

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  1. But be careful about checking the ability to take credit cards. I just stayed in hotel in Istria with a big Visa sign in the window, but the machine wasn’t working and I ended up paying in US dollars, cash. (The explanation was that I was checking out on a Sunday, a day one cannot even buy milk.) Also, if you are going by car, GPS really helps. Even directions from ViaMichelin aren’t much use – I found my hotel by complete accident, in the rain, and with no credit left on my mobile phone to call them, as shops close at 21.00.

  2. Ferries are inexpensive and go regularly between various places by the coast. Although they are not fast they are most likely the highly rated alternative to see the beautiful Croatian islands of the Adriatic Sea. Jadrolinija is the main Croatian passenger shipping line that maintains the largest number of regular international and domestic ferry and shipping lines

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