August 26th, 2013

Amazing Hotels A Stone’s Throw Away From The Scottish Capital

by Don

Edinburgh is a superb place to visit whilst you’re enjoying a holiday in Scotland. The Scottish capital is a vibrant cultural mish-mash of the old, the new, the weird and the wonderful. It’s got everything you could ever want from a contemporary, cosmopolitan city – great bars, fancy restaurants, lively nightclubs and beautiful places to relax and take stock of life. When it comes to great cities, Edinburgh surely tops the list.

The city centre is a great place to stay, but only if you’re comfortable with the busy, non-stop atmosphere that surrounds it, say experts at the Edinburgh Evening News. Whilst young couples and girly gangs on a hen night are bound to find the 24 hour nature of the city extremely appealing – it can be a little jarring for older couples and for those looking to find a little peace and quiet in the countryside. Fortunately, Edinburgh is a place of contrasts and you only have to travel ten minutes out of the city centre to find yourself in the midst of rolling hills and breathtaking countryside. Here’s a handy guide to some of the best hotels situated just a stone’s throw from Edinburgh city.

Cringletie House, Peebles

Located just outside the small town of Peebles and thirty minutes outside of Edinburgh city centre is the charming Cringletie House. This luxury country estate offers guests the chance to enjoy 28 acres of forest and walled gardens, an award winning restaurant and a multitude of elegant, stately public areas and function rooms. All rooms are decorated in a very traditional fashion, with lots of solid oak furniture, gilded bedspreads and open fireplaces. This is the perfect hotel for anyone who likes their accommodation to have that romantic, old world feel without compromising on luxuries or amenities.

Carberry Tower, Edinburgh

This hotel really is just a stone’s throw away from the capital – it takes just twelve minutes to drive from the city to this grand, imposing castle. It may look imposing on the outside, but it’s as warm as can be on the inside and it’s that same cultural contrast between old and new that runs throughout the capital itself. Carberry tower is set within an impressive 35 acres of gardens and parkland. Guests are welcome to explore every corner of these acres, as well as enjoy lawn sports and picnics as and when they wish. The owners of the castle claim that their accommodation is ‘fit for royalty,’ and you’d hard pressed to disagree. Rooms are extremely luxurious with four poster beds, huge fireplaces and sweeping countryside views.

Dalhousie Castle, Bonnyrigg

Dalhousie luxury hotel and spa is located just twenty minutes from Edinburgh city centre and it’s worth every one of them. The property itself is a sweeping 13th century fortress set on the banks of the River Esk. It offers guests hydrotherapy treatments, falconry lessons, fine dining, beautiful gardens and extremely luxurious rooms, so it’s fair to say that Dalhousie is diverse. Have you ever heard of anywhere else that will give you falconry lessons whilst you stroll around the grounds of your hotel? A lot of the bedrooms are very dramatically decorated, with bare stone walls and huge four poster beds. There’s a very regal feel to the Dalhousie – it is extremely old fashioned and is better suited to those who don’t mind living without contemporary decor or trappings.

Author Bio: Kevin Maddox is a Scottish tour guide and expert on Scottish local history. He recommends a stay at Carberry Tower for anyone looking to enjoy a relaxed, peaceful Scottish break just a stone’s throw away from the capital.

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