January 9th, 2011

Attractive Features of Botswana Safari

by Don

Botswana is eminent as a foremost safari destination in Africa. The main attractive features of Botswana safari include Kalahari Reserve, National Park and Okavango delta area. Okavango delta region spreads over 17,000sq km. In fact, it is the world’s major inland delta. Here, you can come across more than 300 species of animals and birds like tree squirrels, monkeys, bush babies, mongoose and warthog. Diverse places are also available for fishing. The Moremi reserve is a habitat to more than 400 sorts of birds and a wide array of animals like wild dogs, cheetah, leopard, lion, giraffe and buffalo.

You can visit the central Kalahari anytime during the year. Kalahari reserve is the village of a nomadic people. Accommodation facilities are not available in this region. Visitors can only view the place. Chobe Park is one of the most significant and attractive features of Botswana safari. It is situated near the banks of Chobe River. Cultural center and Kuru museum is also more prominent for exhibitions, cultural and dance festivals. The main objective of the museum is to share information and facts between the younger and older generations of the nation.

Furthermore, it boosts tribal peoples to take part in cultural activities. This is one of the most attractive features of Botswana safari. Botswana is the habitat to diverse range species of flora and fauna. It has approximately around 570 species of birds. Also, you can find different kinds of mammals and birds in Natta sanctuary. The kubu region is eminent for wild and rich baobab trees. The sport loving and adventurous visitants enjoy body boarding and white water travelling.

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  1. Looks like a fantastic place to go on holiday! I think seeing the nomadic people would be a real life experience and well worth the time and effort in getting there.

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