June 11th, 2008

Basics in Self Catering Explained

by Don

The idea behind self catering is you must look after yourself and do your own cooking and cleaning whilst on vacation. In the majority of self catering vacations the individuals are renting either a house or an apartment. These houses and apartments can be rented for long periods such as weeks or months and include all the basic facilities required for someone to live for an indefinite period as long as they cook and clean for themselves. The most popular destinations for self catering vacations can be found within Europe as it is the traditional home of self catering. The highest ranked countries within Europe are Italy and France due to their self catering services.

The main reason for anyone to choose a self catering vacation is the wish to save money. It can be very advantageous to use this method when visiting popular cities such as Paris which can be incredibly expensive for accommodation, i.e. hotels, not to mention eating out each night in restaurants. This is why when a person going on vacation chooses to stay in a self catered apartment or house they are so much better off as the food is included and all they have to do is prepare it themselves. However, self catering is not restricted to staying in cities alone, should the individual not enjoy life in the city there are many alternatives to be found in the countryside.

The amount of money saved by vacationing in this manner can be maximized by sharing the rentable house or apartment with other friends or family members. Not sharing your rentable accommodation can often be costly due to one individual having to pay all the rent. By adding just three more people to share with the costs of the accommodation are quartered.

The biggest and most important decision to be made when choosing rented self catered accommodation is the location. If you want to visit a particular city started your research there is a good option. You then must decide whether you want to stay actually within the city limits or choose a more peaceful location in the countryside. The countryside destinations are usually larger and often are constructed in the typical architectural styles of the area; these residences are suited best to families or large groups due to the size and remoteness. The only downside to this type of accommodation is that some local people in more rural areas may not take kindly to foreigners in their town.

The other choice is of course staying in an apartment within the city. This can be great for people who really want to take in the sights, sounds and smells of a city. It gives a unique opportunity to really get to know the culture of a particular city. This is recommended for younger people who wish to experience the city by night as well as day.

Self catering vacations are great for all types of people from families to backpackers, large groups of friends to couples. Now matter where you choose you can be guaranteed a fantastic experience.

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