April 8th, 2010

Choosing the right hiking boots

by Don

If you are going hiking, camping or just for a walk in the countryside, making sure you have the right hiking boots is paramount. The enjoyment of your outdoor activities literally rests on the comfort of your feet!

Choosing the right hiking boot for your particular build and budget is an easy task. Merrell shoes are one example of a company that make excellent footwear for outdoor enthusiasts and are a favourite among many hikers.

The most important point to consider when choosing the right hiking boots is comfort. Try a different range of hiking boots on from various manufacturers such as Merrell shoes to ensure you get the optimum in comfort. Walk around the shop where you are trying them on. Do they fit well? If not then try a smaller or larger size. If they’re too big they will rub, if they are too small and the will make your feet hurt. Over a long walk they may become very painful. Do they rub? If so, are they too big? Will wearing thicker socks prevent this? You need to find a pair of hiking boots that will not give you blisters after all!

Other points to remember are:

Price – This should not be skimped on just to satisfy your wallet!

Weight – Good hiking boots do not have to weigh a ton. The lighter they are the easier it will be to hike.

Support – Do the boots offer good support and even distribution of weight across the whole of the foot?

Materials – Are the boots waterproof and durable? Don’t simply opt for the best looking pair!

Design – Are the boots designed specifically for what you want them for? For example trail hiking or mountain climbing. Merrell shoes provide a good range for all outdoor enthusiasts.

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