June 10th, 2008

Explore the beauty of Paris on your vacation

by Don

Paris, which is an old city, rich in its history and with the beautiful river of Seine flowing through it is a spectacular place to spend your vacation. The oldest part of the city has two islands. Paris is a great place to spend a passionate weekend, having lots to visit and explore. It is a great place for short stays.

The city is popular for its gothic architecture and markets. The Eiffel Tower, The Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre are few of the landmarks which has left a remarkable impact on peoples mind. The main means of transportation available here is the Metro underground train network which runs regularly and is feasible to travel to any part of the city.

Not to mention about the Eiffel Tower and its grandeur. The city is strongly associated with this wonder that whoever visiting Paris will also explore the famous steel structure. It is visible from all parts of the city and the view from top of it cannot be compared to those who look from the ground. The tower is lit with light at night which makes it brilliant. The history of how it was constructed would make you spell bound.

One place you ought to visit while visiting Paris is the well known Champs Elysees. You can find a lot of famous designer shops and fine restaurants. The place is very elegant and is on the higher end, so you can find a lot of five star hotels. If you want to locate reasonably priced hotels then it is better to search it further out.

The renowned Louvre Museum Situated here has over 300,000 magnificent artistic collections, which is quite impossible to have even a glimpse, just in one day. You can get to view only a part of the artistic work on a short stay. A few of the noted art works of the world famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci, his creation Mona Lisa are exhibited here. In the history of Paris you can find many eminent artists who had spent their lives in Paris which include artists like Monet, Picasso whose work can be still seen today.

The Arc de Triomphe built by Napoleon is another milestone of Paris. It is a great photo to take since there are all the names of his generals inscribed on it. You can have a sight of the entire area as well as the avenues form inside the building which very few people know.

These are only a few places that are recommendable to visit. With the help of a tour guide you can view all these places. You can also avail for free guides. A short stay in Paris will allow you to explore only a miniature of Paris. There are a lot more to it like the medieval churches, buildings and castles which are in plenty for which you will have to make another visit.

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