December 10th, 2008

France Holidays: The Self Catering Way

by Don

One of the most beautiful countries in Europe, France has the privilege of attracting the maximum number of tourists across the globe. France has a great variety of sightseeing options to choose from; great cities like Paris, nice beaches, artistic nature, and incredible mountain sceneries. It boasts of delicious food and great wine. Apart from Paris, France is pretty much inexpensive to live. A France holiday could be a great option for you.

Northern France, which mainly consists of flat terrain around the town of Lille and the Channel, reminds tourists of Belgium and the Netherlands. On the other hand, Western France has rolling hills, sandy beaches, and a quiet harbor life. This region has traces of Celtic tradition and culture. Eastern France also has rolling hills and consists of many beautiful cities like Metz, Strasbourg, Nancy, and Dijon. This region is famous for its world-class wines including magnificent pinot noirs and chardonnays treasured the world over, as well as the renowned “Yellow wine.” Central France is in many ways a very quiet place, boasting of the Loire valley, which has many great castles and beautiful towns. Southern France is famous for its beautiful and natural surroundings, delicious food, Roman historical ruins and the Riviera, which attracts a lot of tourists each year.

A great way to visit France is to opt for a self catering holiday. Self catering holidays provide tourists with a personal kitchen along with the accommodation. This means that you get the freedom to eat and sleep whenever you feel like and concentrate more on sightseeing.

Now, with self catering holidays, you do not have to worry about waiting in crowded restaurants for food or restaurants closing up. Be your own master and enjoy the beauty of France with this holiday option.

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