May 17th, 2012

Getting Ready To Go Camping

by Don

Are you extremely excited to go on your first camping trip with friends the next month? Well, you have every reason to be excited but you have to also make sure that this excitement is not dampened due to disorganization. Packing the right camping supplies is very important for enjoying a camping trip at its very best. When it comes to picking up the supplies for a camping trip, the most important things that you need to take are rain gears, an axe or a hatch, fire starters, first aid kit, kit for tent repairing, water purification kit, flashlights, containers for water storage, ice chests, trash bags, toiletries, insect repellants and sunscreen. You should also purchase one whistle each for the members of the camping trip. These are some of the basic things that you just cannot do without while going camping.

When you are camping, it is expected that you will make your own food. Therefore, you should carry plate, utensils and bowls of every camper. For cooking large portions you will have to get large pans and pots. If possible, you should add a Dutch oven and big skillet in your supplies list. Carrying large portions of dry food is important. Carry enough pasta, biscuits, stew and chili for all the campers. If you want to enjoy desserts you can take skewers for the graham crackers and the marshmallows. You will also need to get supplies for sleeping and shelter. Carrying stuffs for keeping yourself entertained is also important.

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