August 28th, 2009

Heavenly abode for newlyweds

by Don

Marriage is a special occasion for many people who take several years to plan out everything. Interestingly, it is also an occasion which sees active participation of friends and families. While some people still prefer to have a subdued and a low key ceremony followed by a rather formal honeymoon, there are many enthusiastic newly wed couples who want to get married a little differently.

For soon to be married people looking for a beautiful and serene place to get married, there cannot be a better place than Huatulco. A splendidly tranquil place which offers privacy and all forms of luxurious amenities at highly reasonable rates, Huatulco is a great place to take those vows.

One of the biggest reasons that make Huatulco weddings all the more special is the fact that the place has an amazing weather, various holiday options and several other facilities at a modest budget.

It is also very well known for its Mexican ambience that attracts several people to tie their knots here.

At Huatulco, special attention is paid on ensuring that the marriage is well coordinated and managed. To make sure that the wedding remains a memorable affair even after several years, couples are provided with expert advice and thorough guidance by a professional Huatulco wedding planner. Valerie Verhalen, who is at the helm of the affairs skilfully plans the weddings and helps couples to choose the right option. Her forte lies in managing wedding events as per the budget and requirements of the clients. It is because of her fortitude and detail oriented approach to her work that past clients swear by her professionalism.

So, if you are planning to get married soon and are looking for something truly different, you know where to go.

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