December 11th, 2010

How to pick a great family holiday

by Don

When it comes to picking a destination for a family holiday you really do have a lot to consider. You first of all have to think of somewhere that will appeal to your partner, and wee all know that tastes can differ in a relationship, and this is as true as ever when it comes to the sorts of places we want to visit. Whilst you might think that the shopping streets of Paris are just wonderful, your husband might resent the fact that he has a long way to go too find a decent golf course!

Obviously you also have to think about the kids too. It helps to find out if the place you are going to stay has some great facilities for the kids, such as a games room or football pitches at the camp site you are staying at. Again, if you have a girl and a boy, there is a good chance that your offspring will have different ideas of what makes a good time, so you have to try to think for both of them.

On top of this, you have to consider the cost of the holiday too! Finding a great Family holiday for a small figure can be really difficult, and often the answer is to find a great holiday provider first. Try to use companies who have a great reputation, and make sure that it suits all of you. Perhaps more importantly than anything else, though, you have top make sure that this holiday is suitable for you! You’re the one lumbered with organising it after all!

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