October 8th, 2009

How to Save Money on Air Tickets

by Don

Air tickets have always been a costly affair and people everywhere are looking for ways and means to reduce their airfares as far as possible. It is a general phenomenon that air tickets are costly whenever you make late bookings. For this reason people make advanced bookings at fair prices. But this is not always true. It is an open secret nowadays that waiting till the last moment can get you tickets at an extremely cheaper rate. However, one should know how to track these price fluctuations. Such opportunities are easily missed within a matter of hours because there is a high demand for such exclusive offers. There are various reasons that culminate to such a phenomenon. Conventional demand and supply concept can be well applied in here. That is, when the supply of a particular item is more and demand is less then price automatically drops.

There are various sources like special travel and tourism websites from where you can gather all sorts of vital information regarding special airfare offers. Airline Tickets Cheap Last Minute is a very handy website that contains a list of online sites dedicated to airfare info. The site also educates the readers with useful tips and suggestions that can help them grab great offers at great prices.

During the last hours when the airline companies and travel agencies are not able to find travelers to buy their left over tickets they reduce the price and put up the offer through hotels and other sources. Reducing the price is not going to reduce their profit. On the contrary they are optimizing their capacity by trying to accommodate all the seats available.

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