July 1st, 2015

How To Take Care Of Your RV Covers

by Don

The RV cover is like the protective shield for your treasured RV and hence must be preserved with appropriate care. The good thing is that rv covers do not call for an elaborate care- a simple basic maintenance routine would be quite adequate here. The post below offers tips on how to look after your RV cover.

First of all, you must not ever let snow or water stand on your cover. Always make sure to tie it down securely. There are some sharp or heavy RV parts like awning mounts, mirrors etc,- which might tear or snag your RV cover. Thus, you should pad these areas up before covering the vehicle. After you pull out the cover, you should store it a proper storage bag.

When it comes to cleaning your RV, you have to do it manually and you should not dump it inside the washing machine & dryer. Here are the cleaning instructions:

• Make a solution with warm water and mild soap in your bucket.

• Pull out the cover & lay it on ground. Now, rinse up the cover using hose.

• Pour the cleaning solution over your cover and scrub gently on it with a soft brush.

• Now, rinse it up thoroughly with your hose.

• Let it dry naturally.

• Then, fold it carefully and store in your storage bag.

You should not ever dry clean your RV cover and must not iron it as well.

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