June 9th, 2008

New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf

by Don

The islands of the Hauraki Gulf are easily classified by their proximity to Auckland and comprise of the Inner and Outer Gulf Islands. As a general rule of thumb the inner islands tend to be used for recreational pursuits whilst the outer islands are more strictly controlled as conservation areas by the Department of Conversation, also known as DOC in New Zealand.

There are ferries leaving from Downtown Auckland on a regular schedule serving virtually all the islands in the Hauraki Gulf. Flights are available to some of the islands from either Auckland International Airport or the North Shore Airfield and can be a good option especially if time is limited.

Other possibilities include the charter of a private yacht either skippered or self-sail if you have adequate sailing experience (note: you will need to prove your experience to the company you charter from). This is an ideal way to see the Hauraki Gulf at the pace it deserves. There is a seemingly endless supply of secluded bays, golden beaches and sheltered harbours to explore many of which are simply not accessible from the land due to rugged bush. For true isolation and privacy this is an ideal way to pass a week especially in the late summer months. Power craft are also available for charter.

So what are you waiting for? Whether it’s the north island, south island, or offshore islands of New Zealand that you want to visit, go for it! NZ Accommodation is available in most towns and suburbs which have a residence of at least 100 people.

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