March 17th, 2009

Palm Beach is an incorporated town

by Don

Palm Beach is an incorporated town located in the Palm Beach County, Florida. It was founded as a resort by Henry Morrison Flagler. Palm Beach is on the eastern edge of Florida and is located on the 16 mile long Barrier Island. With its fabulous beaches and lovely tropical climate all the year round, it is a preferred holiday destination. The Palm Beach town is affluent and attracts holiday makers from all over the world.

Beach towns are popular with vacationers because they can get sun tans from lying for hours on the beaches exposing themselves in the sun. But now, with the earth’s ozone layer sporting a big hole, exposure to sun has become harmful. The Ozone layer no longer filters the harmful ultra violet rays from the sun effectively. UV rays have been proven to cause skin cancer, when skin is exposed to it for extended periods. A tan is said to protect skin from the harmful effects of UV rays and today it has become a medical necessity to prevent skin cancer and lesions.

Palm Beach Tan is a controlled tan usually done in beauty or tanning salons. With Palm Beach Tan, it is possible to avoid sun burns from over exposure to UV rays. These salon tans are done either in a controlled UV environment or use a sunless, UV free tanning technology. According to statistics, there are around 30 million North Americans who indulge in Palm Beach Tan salons. Out of these nearly 70% are women.

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