September 29th, 2009

Perfect Kissimmee vacations

by Don

Ever wondered where you could take a break from your mundane life and take your family along? Ever wondered where you could go with your loved ones and have fun? Stop wondering since Kissimmee from the US state of Florida provides all this. This is a place that has a perfect location near almost all the major Disney theme parks and as we all know Disney parks provide unadulterated classic fun for people of all ages. In fact even the adults are sure to re-discover their inner child and join the frolic with the kids in the family. This is a place where both the kids as well as the adults of a family can have equal amounts of fun and in a way have a vacation to remember for years.

You can start your fun filled Kissimmee vacations with Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom and this is in fact the right kind of place to start off with. The magic of all the immortal Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck is quite prevalent here. You can also check out Cinderella’s Castle, Adventureland, Liberty Square and lots of other cool places only to name a few.

Visit the world famous MGM studios next; this is where you get the proper sneak peek at all the behind the scene actions of your favorite flicks and also at the same time check out many fantastic rides all of which have a movie based theme.

A trip to Kissimmee is incomplete in case you don’t visit the Animal Kingdom of Disney, since this is an amazing place where you and your family can check out almost 1700 animals as well as around 250 varieties of species, most of which can be seen from the Kilimanjaro Safari.

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