August 17th, 2009

Self Catering Holidays in France

by Don

If you are raring to experience a self catering holiday in France then camping would be such a good idea. Self Catering holidays are so called because you are being provided with accommodation at the same time you can enjoy facilities that allow you to cook food for yourself while you are on a holiday. The place you are renting or staying do not provide you with food but you are provided with all the amenities you need to be able to cater for yourself, hence the name camping holiday in France is surprisingly cheap or at least reasonably priced. For two people content on a tent site, the rent could mean a few euros per week. For a 6-person bungalow the price could go up in the vicinity of 400 euros per week. Not bad considering it is good for 7 days stay and if divided evenly among 6 people that would amount to only 10 euros each per day.

If you want to save further then avoid the fancy restaurants and opt for buying and consuming cheap groceries. Some campsites have grocery stores and bakeries. One can also cook barbecue within the camping grounds. More ways to save on food.

If staying on a cottage is not your idea of fun then motorhomes, static caravans or movable caravans are also part of the options.

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