May 25th, 2010

Shopping for a boys birthday in London

by Don

If you have young boys you may sometimes wonder what on earth to get them for their birthday this year. As any of us know who live in remote parts of the country, it is not easy getting the latest and greatest thing from your towns’ local toy store.

For those that have the time and resources available to them, it is a great idea to travel to London to do your shopping for your kids. Why? Because you can get everything you need from under one roof. Twice a year I head out to Hamleys in London to find exactly what I need for my two boys’ birthdays. The shop has a full four floors of all the latest toys and this includes whatever product is being aired on daytime TV adverts throughout the day! Hamleys seems to be the only place that doesn’t sell out of all the must have toys every year.

To be honest with you, I have a very selfish reason for relocating myself to another city to do my shopping. Lets just say that being in London for a couple of days has it’s advantages! I normally look for cheap hotels in London before I head down so that I can save money for the boys shopping, and a few treats for myself of course! Hamleys is right in the main shopping area of London, and as you can imagine there are some fabulous women’s clothes shops. After all, if I am shopping for my boys, it’s surely only fair that I spoil myself too!

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