May 13th, 2010

Space adventures: The new world

by Don

The planet Earth has been our playground for centuries now. Our instincts always propel us to know more about the unexplored and things that are yet far away from us. Space adventures and the prospect of life on space are making all of us an eager participant in the race. Tyuratam or Baikonur Cosmodrome is unique in more than one ways. It holds the record of being the first and largest space launch facility in the world. The name itself is subject to few theories that how it all came into being.

The secret name of this center was 5GIK or State Test Range No.5. Space adventures are more about excitement and thrill factor involved in it. Baikonur has kept its date with important historical programs. Sputnik 1and Luna 1, the first man made satellite and the first spacecraft to travel close to the Moon respectively, share the laurels with Baikonur on the same grounds.

Aviation museum is similar to the concept to any other museum that we have heard or seen before. It has got collection of all aviation equipments like planes, gliders etc. With changing times, people have started realizing the importance of Aviation museum as it provides ample opportunities to be close and next to real time space technology. All efforts have been ensured to make this concept a success with present day generation. It would be absolutely true to put forth that future belongs to Space adventures and everything that is concerned with space world.

Let us all have earth and space together as our favorite places to be.

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