July 25th, 2013

The Best Limos for Your Special Occasions

by Don

There are many limo services in LA, some better than others. If you are planning on hiring a limo for your special occasion, you will first have to determine the number of people in your party and your budget. You should also ensure that the company is credible and reliable by considering insurance and years in business. When comparing different limousines, consider such factors as the age of the vehicle, the amenities on offer, the rates applicable, and insurance.

Do you have an upcoming special occasion? You should consider hiring a limo for the occasion because this will make it more memorable. Hiring a limo for a special occasion ensures that everybody involved is in the same vehicle and hence more fun,it is safer since limo chauffeurs undergo rigorous training, and it enables you to reach your destination in style.

You could hire a limo for such special occasions as birthdays, bachelorette and bachelor parties, graduations, nights out, proms, homecomings, weddings, and funerals. So, what makes the best limo for your special occasion?

If you are in Los Angeles, California, the best Los Angeles limo for your special occasions is one from a legitimate limousine company. You could determine the legitimacy of the company by considering regulation by California PUC. Ask for the company’s TCP number and visit ULC’s website to determine if the permit is genuine. Determine if the company has a B permit or a P permit. Any company with a P permit that is operating party buses is doing so illegally.

To pick the best limo, consider the number of people in your party vis-à-vis the capacity of the vehicle you are considering. Note that even the same class of vehicle will have different capacities and you should, therefore, not make assumptions. Good companies allow you to choose from 4-passenger sedans to over-50-passenger charter buses.

Consider the amenities on offer. Modern limos come with such amenities as advanced music systems, bar area with refreshments and ice, private shade, passenger controls, unique lighting, and lush seating. Party buses even have such amenities as dancing poles and charter buses have such amenities as bathroom facilities.

The limo you go for should be determined by the type of occasion you are attending. A white wedding limousine will not work if you are attending a funeral. An LA party bus with a dancing pole and dim lighting will work for a bachelor party, but it might not be a good option for a church event. A good company will have limos in different price ranges. If you cannot afford a Mercedes Benz S550 at $80.00/hour or, the limo company should have other options such as a Ford Excursion Limo at $55.00/hour or so.

The best LA limo is one that has comprehensive insurance. This is a legal requirement which is important in that you will be covered in case of an accident. Consider the age of the vehicle. You do not want a vehicle that is over 4 years old because such a vehicle will not be comfortable and there is a higher risk of breakdown. Limo companies give incentives from time to time, including discounts and freebies. Ask about such offers because some companies only offer them when you prompt them.

Other important considerations to make are such things as minimum rental period, the terms of the contract (go through the fine print to ensure there are no hidden costs), and the charging method.

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