March 26th, 2009

The Best Places to Visit in Virgin Islands

by Don

You can see more isolated oasis on St. John and in the British Virgin Islands and U.S. Virgin Islands better than St. Croix and St. Thomas.

The Best Places:

Peter Island Resort

This is a beautiful resort inn, and the total area is nearly 728-hectare Private Island, where you can see hiking trails, five perfect beaches and dazzling offshore reefs. It is possible to get beachfront accommodations and enjoy stylish candlelight dinner and also having well-developed water sport facilities.

St. John

It is a famous isolated island in the Caribbean. Two third of the island is conserved for national park. St. John’s backdrop looks a lot like the past 1950s, not like St. Croix and St. Thomas. You can enjoy the white sand beaches along with green sultry forests. Tourists belong to St. Thomas coming here in the daybreak and regularly leave before 5 pm. After that you can see the St. John as a heaven with limited crowd.

Caribbean Resorts and Villas

This is the best place to lease their personal private cottage, and it offers some of the best values.

Guana Island Club

This quiet, summit mask is the only growth on a private, 850-acre island off the coast of Tortola. This island is famous for its six vacant, virgin beaches; exceptional species of plant and animal life and excellent nature trails.

Sandcastle Hotel

You can easily reach this island by ferryboat from Tortola. The island presents uncovered sandy beaches, best hiking routs and the remains of an old services castle. Sandcastle is an ideal place for loneliness and leisure.

Anegada Reef Hotel

You can spot this hotel on the northern side of Virgin Gorda’s North Sound in a distance of 20 miles, on a level collection of limestone and coral. This is accepted as the most isolated areas in the whole Virgin Islands series. It is possible to see snorkelers, scuba divers and fishermen occasionally. This unrefined hotel is highly recommended for disciple of abandoned beaches and negligent gateways. This is where you can prepare your personal combinations, and you can write what ever you feel.

Fascinating Historical Places to visit:

Fort Christian

It is possible to spot this fort in Charlotte Amelia’s center division. The construction work was started in the year 1672. This is the oldest construction on this island. Previously this fort played several roles as a prison, city center, cathedral and recently it is a chronological museum.

Fort Frederik

Completed in the year 1760, this is the first fort to salute the national flag of newly shaped United States. In 1848, Governor- General read a public statement regarding freeing the slaves of the island. A small museum sits on the site today.

Crown House

This is the residence served to two earlier senates during 18th century. This house was completely buildup with stones. Most of the antiques in this house belong to the Governer General, lived in this house during 1827. You can see a chandelier from France in this house, belongs to the unofficial capital of France.

Visiting to Annaberg the well known Historic Trail

The remaining belongs to Sugar – Plantation is the supreme memento of the farm age of St. John. The relics of the house have been collected and restored. You can enjoy the green plants around the building it is also possible to visit the slave quarters.

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