May 25th, 2010

The Perfect location for a Honeymoon

by Don

You really can’t beat Paris as a location for a honeymoon. Everything about Paris screams romance, from the laid back atmosphere of the cafe’s to the sound of a million French voices as you walk through the streets of the Left Bank, there is nowhere quite like it on earth. Sure, some people like to go further afield for their honeymoon, but most people would agree that Paris is the romance capital of the world, and what better place to be during the first few weeks of your marriage!

Paris is actually quite cheap too! There are a lot of cheap hotels in Paris and you can find some really delightful little places to stay for a lot less than a decent hotel would cost you in the British Isles. On top of that getting to Paris has become a doddle since the inception of the channel tunnel, and once you are in the city things just don’t cost as much as they do in Britain!

Imagine yourself walking down the side of the Seine, with your wife, hand in hand, enjoying the warmth of the Parisien summer sun, with delightful patisseries just a few steps away, and the awe inspiring Notre Dame Cathedral just round the corner. Imagine being able to wander across town, through the tiny backstreets with all of their little surprises, only to find yourself face to face with the Eiffel Tower. Paris is truly the most romantic place on earth and there can be no better place to celebrate with your loved one.

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