April 14th, 2011

Tips For Cheap Business Card Printing

by Don

Printing your business card is a tricky affair. Your business card is a representative of your brand image and hence must be created effectively. But usually it takes a high costing when you hire a printing service (who will both design and print your cards) and even financially draining especially when you are a new entrepreneur. Here are given some tips to get cheap printing services for your business cards. Firstly, try to design the card yourself rather than relying on the professional services. There are many users friendly software’s available to help you in the process by cutting down the designing cost. But in case you can’t, you have to hire an affordable business card designer. They come with various price ranges and conditions. Take time to research, compare and find the suitable one for you.

You must check that your business card printing site offers free shipping. There are many sites which do not. So be careful since shipping costs are a considerable amount. Order wisely. Choose single sided cards as they usually costs around 9.95 USD while the double ones ask nearly 14.95 USD. Also try to place a lump sum order of 500 – 1000 business cards as the price goes down with huge orders. 1000 double faced cards cost around 0.20 USD per card! You can keep it matte or gloss depending on your preference and requirements. It does not affect the price. Always keep in mind that the regular card corners are generally cheaper but a little stylish rounded corner would ask for more. Hence, if possible try to stick to the regular one at least for the first season.

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