October 29th, 2010

Top Places to see on your Holiday to Australia

by Don

The Commonwealth of Australia is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. It attracts a huge number of visitors each and every year who long to explore the depth and breadth of this vast and diverse country. Tour operators have known for a long time that package holidays to Australia are more than just an ordinary holiday, they are a trip of a life time. Australia is famed across the world for many things be it kangaroos, vast landscapes, koalas, beer and Neighbours but the one thing that tantalizes visitors most are its beaches. Bondi Beach is the most famous beach in Australia and is a worldwide haven for surfers. The Sunshine coast, Monkey Mia, Gold coast, Coral bay and Shark bay are also amazing beaches that are well worth the visit. Fraser Island is UNESCO World Heritage site and is the world’s largest sand island. Visitors flock to the island for a chance to see some of Australia’s best wildlife up close including a rare chance to see dingo’s in the wild. Australia is packed full of amazing attractions that will appeal to people regardless of there tastes and interests. In fact there is just so much to see and do here that one holiday will never ever be enough to experience them all.

One of the most popular activates in Australia is a road trip. The Explorer Highway attracts more and more road trippers every year. If you yourself fancy taking a road trip through the Australian Outback then it is often advised to take a three to four week holiday so you can get a real essence of what its like to cruise along the Australian highways exploring the country mile by mile. Deserts shape a large part of the country here and attract huge number of visitors. Great Sandy Desert, Great Victoria Desert, Simpson Desert and the Gibson Desert are few in the deserts to be found in Australia.

Australia’s most famous man made landmark is with out doubt the Sydney Opera House. The opera house sits proudly in the beautiful Sydney harbour and has become an important symbol of the modern Australia. When it comes to nature the Great Barrier Reef has no match in scale or beauty. The reef, which can be seen from space, is the worlds largest structure made by a single living organism. The reef is a must visit for any scuba diving fan as it boasts some of the most amazing marine life found anywhere in the world. Package holidays to Australia are a popular and affordable way for people to visit and explore this wonderful place. Kakadu National Park is another interesting place to visit. The park is home to an abundance of wildlife, so always keep your camera with you as you will be presented with numerous photo opportunities. The Whitsunday Islands leaves a long lasting impression thanks to its romantic atmosphere and paradise view of sailing winds and beaches. Holidays to Australia will leave you with a lifetime of amazing memories and a burning desire to return again and again.

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