March 24th, 2009

Tourism in Monterey – California

by Don

Monterey is located on the central coast of California approximately 100 miles south of San Francisco and 300 miles north of Los Angeles. The climate in Monterey is really enjoyable, and this is the preferred suburban area for many technical workers from neighboring Silicon Valley.

You can see wonderful scenery and dazzling beaches in Monterey. Monterey is the northern boundary of stunning California coastal region called Big Sur. California Coastal Highway that is so popular among the tourists. Route one is the best shopping place for the visitors while driving.

Entertainments on the Monterey Peninsula

John Steinbech, the prominent noble prize winning American author made Cannery Row famous for fishing process. At present Cannery Row and the old fisherman’s Wharf have been regenerated and become one of the major tourist attractions with numerous restaurants, boutiques, shops and bistros.

You can also enjoy whale-watching tours, glass bottom boat tours, which start from the wharf and deep-sea fishing charters. It is also a place of the famous Monterey Aquarium. You can avail free trolley bus service to visit all the places of the city. There are numerous parking garages in downtown Monterey.

The major cities of Monterey Peninsula are Monterey city, Pacific Grove and Carmel by the Sea. This is really an enormously stunning place to visit. The coast of Monterey Peninsula presents rough rocky capes, private bays and small beaches. Another beauty is an ancient Cypress tree that covers the rocky outcrops.

Most of the area consist wonderful homes, estates and residents of some famous Hollywood stars. You can find many beautiful golf courses on the peninsula. This is the home of the world famous Pebble Beach Golf Resort. It is just $8 to travel all over the peninsula on the wonderful 17-mile drive. It is interesting to see many wonderful views along the wealthy area and lovely golf link and the beautiful beaches. While traveling, Pebble Beach Lodge is a perfect place for lunch.

Writers and artists originally founded the quaint village of Carmel by the Sea, located along the southern shores of the Monterey Peninsula. It still preserves its distinctive Bohemian character. At present it is possible to see many restaurants, art galleries and expensive boutiques. The famous Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood was the mayor. Now also you can find his residence, restaurant and guest farm here in Monterey.

Transportation in Monterey

Monterey Country Airport is the main airport and it offers many traveler flights to Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Denver. San Francisco International airport is bigger than country airport and used by most of the passengers. It is just two hours travel to reach Monterey.

You can travel through The Amtrak Coastal Starlight passenger train, which travel through Salinas on the way to Los Angeles, California from Seattle, Washington. The service is regular. There are many free busses to connect Monterey in just 30 minutes. Many visitors arrive by car from Interstate route 101 between San Francisco and Los Angeles or by taking the scenic Highway One along the coast.

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