July 1st, 2008

Tourist Attractions in Singapore

by Don

Looking for a dream holiday destination? Then give a thought, Asia offers you great holiday places and Singapore is one among the best!!! With wide range of attractions in and around this small country, your family will get a complete holiday experience!!!

Butterfly Park:

A wonderful place to be in Singapore, it is a unique masterpiece with beautiful landscapes and greenery all around it. Don’t forget to take your cameras with you because you will witness some of the world’s most beautiful butterflies and other insects. The great thing about this museum is its motto of safeguarding some of the most endangered species of Asian insects. So do pay a visit to this place, especially if you have young ones on your side!!

Night Safari:

Another must visit place in Singapore, particularly visited in the night. You can see your favorite animals here. The ambience in the form of lights, the beautiful habitats of the animals are really a true treat to watch. Covered in two stretches, one includes the walking trail and other from tram rides, unlimited fun is guaranteed here. Also there are four working trails here in the safari. These trails belong to four different animals and are a rare spectacle!!!

There is live commentary available too, adding to its uniqueness. This Safari houses animals like deer, hyena, tigers, lions, capybara, and giant ant-eater and also consists of various species from Asia, Africa and South America. The Beautiful Animal Show draws curtains to this rare spectacle!!!

Underwater World:

Singapore hosts one of the world’s most visited destinations and this is one among them. Get an idea about life underwater here!! The underwater tunnel here takes us to 2500 marine creatures from 250 species. Rare species present here gives it a natural awe, making it a special place for the tourists. The Wetlands, a new addition here is one of the best in the world!! It shows fresh water and estuarine animals found commonly in Singapore and neighboring countries. So learn a lot about Singapore from this place.

Fun is not only limited to underwater, above the pool called the Turtle Pool, one can notice endangered Green and Hawksbill Turtles. Besides feel free in touching the star fishes and other species here. The travelers commonly quote this place as one of the best in Singapore!!

World War -2 Sites:

Singapore being unique is also the home to some of the remains of World War-2. The War Memorials present in the country teaches us the history of Singapore Dominion by Japan. The fight by the Singaporeans against the Japanese invasion is what is seen and beautifully depicted here. The heroics of the people here are an everlasting memory in the minds of the Singaporeans. They also teach the small ones about the sacrifices being made and instill patriotism in their young hearts!!

Little India:

This place welcomes Indians coming to Singapore. It consists of attractions for Indians only like small shops, nice-smelling aromas and yes some melodious Hindi music. You get the feeling of being in India far away fro your home. Besides you can find vegetarian food being cooked along with chapattis and other Indian goods.

Sentosa Island:

It is one of the biggest attractions in Singapore, covering aquariums, museums, sporting facilities, beaches, luxury hotels, rides, walks and food centers. It is the ultimate destination in Singapore and don’t miss it. The Carlsberg Sky Tower is the landmark of this place.

So what are you waiting for? Singapore is calling you, with its innocent parks and other cool destinations in offer!! So pack your bags now and march towards Singapore!!

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