July 21st, 2011

Travelling on a budget: Great cheap holiday destinations

by Don

In today’s economic climate people are finding it harder and harder to truly get out and vacation properly during the summer. With huge bills, increasing petrol prices and just generally less money around cheap holidays are a necessity.

So where are the best places to look at when looking for cheap holidays and what kind of holiday should I look for?

There are a lot of answers, these days flights are cheaper and there are plenty more areas you can get to for cheap than you could previously. The most obvious is Spain; Spain has been a staple in holidaying culture for years now and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The beautiful country offers an abundance of different types of holidays, from your adventures to your relaxation, there’s something for everyone and there are plenty of cheap package holidays to look at.

There are alternatives for your cheap holidays though, holidaying closer to home is another one of those areas you can look at. There can be an abundance of places to visit just on your doorstep, saving you money on flights and probably allowing you to afford better accommodation or just saving you some money in general.

Other European countries are becoming much more popular for cheap package holidays, such as France, Croatia, Bulgaria and other countries that people are looking at these days. These countries are benefiting from the boom in people looking for cheap tourism, France has obviously always been known as a great destination for people who have a more acquired taste when it comes to holidaying, but now more and more people are getting more adventurous with their destinations and realising some can work out much cheaper than they previously thought.

Once you’ve chosen a destination, you can still save money if you need to. Spending can get out of control when it comes to your holiday. Organisation and planning can be great tools to help save those extra bits of money. Have a set budget per day and try and stick to it, organisation can keep you in your limits whilst still having a great time.

Food can be the main crux of the problem when it comes to how much you spend. Dining out every night is not cheap nor is buying alcohol. Budgets can be eaten up quicker than you realise when you are visiting a different restaurant each night. If you are on a tight budget when it comes to your holiday, think about staying in some nights, do activities with the family, these can really help keep your costs down whilst still doing fun and interesting activities.

Take day trips as well, day trips can be amazing for you and your family, such as visiting historical places or adventure trips, they can save money in the long run, a couple of adventure days in a decent sized holiday can be sandwiched in around relaxing around the pool and other things to give that feel of excitement and lowering the costs for your day. Hotels and holiday companies can offer an abundance of different types of fun.

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