November 11th, 2008

Villa Holidays – Pamper your Soul

by Don

The France is a country that would strike your mind when you would imagine of having fun in your vacations. The southern region of France is an amazing coastal area where travelers love to visit. You would find the most expensive and luxurious real estate. Let us have a look on the main areas in Southern France

Cote d’Azur: The beautiful sea views and scenery are the two main specificities of Cote d’Azur for which it is popular. You would find some very comfy and deluxe villa holidays in France where you can spend your time with your complete family.

St Tropez: The area around St Tropez is very much famous due to the availability of excellent quality villas. You can easily view your favorite celebrity in this area. But buying a villa in St Tropez is not a cup of tea. The sky rocketing prizes of Villas may shock you.

Celebrating holidays in Spain is also a wonderful idea. You can find some nice holiday Villas in Spain near eastern and southern coastal area.

The beautiful beaches and the high tides would make you fall in love with the southern coastal area of Algarve in Portugal. You can buy the best quality wines, fresh fruits, vegetables and fish from the markets and also enjoy a nice candle light dinner in some of the most excellent restaurants in South Portugal. The is a website that can help you out to explore the most suitable and finest holiday villas in the Algarve, Spain and France.

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