April 5th, 2009

Visit the Japan, something for all

by Don

Japan has something for all. The Country is famous for its sports, Culture, food, gardens & national parks. Tokyo is the capital of Japan which the business trade center too having futuristic city scrapers, plazas & also has lot of sight seeing places. One have the experience of shopping at Japan, Tokyo is a shopping paradise. The Shopping may be expensive but one get a wide range of selection. One can visit the large Tsukiji Fish market or the Kabukiza theatre.You can have a glimpse of the Bay from the Tokyo tower. An enchanting neon lit night life with the discos, tea houses & also spending some time at the Roppongi & Akasaka Playgrounds.

To know the culture & more about the earlier Tokyo, one can visit the Shitamachi area where festivals are held in the summer season drawing vast number of tourists from all over. In that area after passing through colorful shopping lanes we will come across the famous Asakusa-Kannon Temple, a Buddhist complex. You can also visit the National Sumo Stadium & the Edo-Tokyo Museum. For those lovers of fishing, boating or hiking one can visit the Nikko national park that also presents mountain hot spring resorts. For sport lovers, one should watch sumo wrestling competitions held at the national sumo stadium, Kougikan.

Another town attracting tourists is the Uji, mostly due to the famous Byodoin temple. But the main attraction in Japan that draws tourists from all over the world is Gardens. One can spend a whole day in this Landscape gardens. Japan is mostly surrounded by Oceans; another attraction of Japan is expedition in the Cruise Ships that offers short trips from the Kobe fort, Yokohama Fort, Kagoshima Fort. So, pamper yourself by traveling in those cruise ships by choosing a travel package.

One can visit the highest volcanic peak in the Country, Mount Fuji with a height of 3,774 meter. The nearby scenic spots at Fuji have lakes & hot springs. One can have a glimpse of the Emperor’s Palace that is Imperial Palace from a distance since it’s not open to the Public.

Train lovers, are you looking for speed? Then take a ride in those Bullet Trains, also called as Shinkansen in Japan. Japan has a wide network of train lines that connect Tokyo to all the major cities of the country. These Bullet trains are less noisy, give better comfort, high energy & of course attain a speed of nearly 300km/hour.Wow! That’s fast.

For those nature lovers one should visit the Bonsai & Ikebana nurseries & appreciate the beauty & shapes of it.

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