August 12th, 2013

Which Kind of Caravan is Right for You?

by Don

If you like holidaying in the UK owning a caravan is a great idea. They provide all the comforts of home for a low price.

When buying a caravan you basically have two choices. Static or towing, here we take a quick look at the pros of each kind to help you to decide which to buy.

Which is Best a Static or Towing Caravan?

If you want to travel and see different places then a towing caravan is probably the right answer for you. Once you have bought and sited a static caravan moving it to another place can work out expensive. However, that said, bear in mind that you can always sell your existing static caravan and buy another elsewhere or swap caravans, for a few weeks, with owners from different parts of the UK.

With a static caravan, you get more space. Most come with a shed in which you can store comfortable outdoor chairs and sports equipment like surf boards. Static caravans make very good bases for those enjoy outdoor sports.

The other main advantage of a static caravan is convenience and ease of use. There is no packing the caravan and towing it, then setting up at the other end. With a static you just drive to the site and unlock the door, everything you need is there and ready for immediate use.

If after reading this, you are still not sure if a static caravan is right for you and your family take a look at the website. There you can find out far more about the benefits of owning a static.

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