November 21st, 2010

Why Brussels is a Great Weekend Destination?

by Don

Brussels, the capital city of Belgium is one of the best cities in Europe for tourism. Brussels have grown into a city a very high demand in last some years. Brussels houses headquarters of many international companies and unions.

Brussels is also cheaper than other contemporary cities in Europe such as London or Paris. Apartments in Brussels are available easily at cheap rates. Hotels in Brussels are also available for very cheap. Even if you are visiting here during weekends, you can easily find a hotel room here.

Transport system of Brussels is excellent with many airport trains, Metro, trams and buses available throughout the city. Brussels is well connected to almost every major city of world through flights. European train network also connects this city with many cities in Europe. Eurostar London Brussels train connects Brussels to London directly. You can get Eurostar tickets online easily for a cheap rate.

Chocolates of Belgium are famous around the world for its taste. You can shop chocolates from here if you are on a tour to Belgium. There are many good restaurants in this city that serves delicious local food. Nightlife in Brussels is very exciting with many bars providing their services in this city.

In an all Brussels is a great city to visit and to enjoy a weekend.

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