March 31st, 2011

Why you should holiday in Tenerife

by Don

There will always be new buzz locations to go on holiday. In amongst the rush to go to the new cool place, often the classics get overlooked. A holiday to Tenerife may not have been your first thought as your getaway destination this year, but there are so many great reasons to check out this beautiful holiday island. Make a break, make a change and stick with a classic: enjoy a holiday to Tenerife this year.

For a start, Tenerife is perfect for a quick trip to relaxation: just four hours away from London, you can leave home in the morning and be sunning yourself in front of a Sangria before mid-afternoon. Throw in a huge variety of resorts ready to welcome you, a perfectly-sized island that begs you to explore its natural wonders and attractions and more holiday deals than you know what to do with, and you’ve got the ultimate in easy Tenerife holiday planning right there.

But Tenerife is about so much more than the practicalities. Often cited as the last remaining European paradise isle, whether you want a Tenerife holiday to explore this island’s volcanic mountains, red deserts, lush valleys and rivers and underwater wildlife or a Tenerife holiday for partying, chilling or spending quality time with the family, this island has something to suit.

From traditional villages with quiet, calm waters to big resorts with an enviable nightlife and a variety of water sports at your reach. Try a luxury break to an exclusive retreat in Tenerife’s mountain foothills, or an active break exploring the Masca Valley – there really is so much more here than sun, sea and sand.

You can also guarantee to eat well during a Tenerife holiday. With a near-perfect combination of the prime picks of Spanish cuisine – Tapas fans will be in heaven – and the best of the world’s specialities, thrown in with fresh fish, fruit and vegetables, Tenerife’s food scene is another great aspect of a holiday in Tenerife.

What are you waiting for? Stick with a holiday classic and book a trip to Tenerife today!

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